From Consulting to Engineering

It's what we do

It’s what we do

Services and Solutions

In the realm of the Intelligence Community, operational expertise is not just an advantage – it’s an absolute necessity. Base10 Technology provides services and solutions for some of our nation’s most complex problems with a proven team. Embedded in our customer’s missions, we provide effective project management, systems engineering, software engineering, intelligence analysis, mission support and sustainment throughout the entire life cycle.

Your mission is our mission!

Systems Engineering

Our Systems Engineers leverage a multitude of platforms and architectures to craft scalable solutions that can adapt to the ever changing needs of our nation’s most critical missions.

Software Engineering

Our Software Engineers leverage technical knowledge and lifecycle development best practices to design efficient and secure solutions that can scale on deployments of any size.

Network Engineering

Our Network Engineers harness knowledge of the latest technology, hardware, and industry practices to provide robust infrastructure solutions that keep you running.

Cloud Engineering

Our Cloud Engineers leverage cutting-edge platforms such as AWS and Azure to design highly secure, available, scalable, and future-ready solutions.

Intelligence Analysts

Our Intelligence Analysts can provide SIGINT, HUMINT, GEOINT, and ALL-SOURCE analysis, targeting, and tradecraft support to provide the data you need to make informed decisions.

Business Support

Our Project Mangers and Financial Analysts assess, coordinate, and implement actions to produce robust solutions that support mission needs while maintaining efficiency.

Products and Technologies

In the world of intelligence, timely information and analysis is critical. But in today’s complex landscape, extracting actionable insights from vast data streams on the other side of the globe is a monumental challenge. We support timely mission response by building innovative tools for our customers, tailoring them for their unique requirement, and monitoring them for operational effectiveness.

DataVue™ AI

With our DataVue™ AI Technology, you can now delve deeper into your one-of-a-kind dataset and unveil patterns, trends, and correlations that traditional analysis might miss. Whether you’re dealing with scientific research, target behavior, IoT sensor data, or any other distinctive dataset, DataVue™ empowers you to explore the unexplored.

What our customers say

“We always hear that Base10 has said great things about us. They are probably one of or best subs. Whenever we send out emails to our subs, they are always one of the first to get back to us.”

– From our primes and DoD/IC customers